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Energy Control

Heating, VentilationAir Conditioning, Exterior Lighting Control, and Power Monitoring Energy Management System (EMS) designed especially for retail and small commercial facilities, provides rapid payback through reduced energy bills.   Easy to install and full of features,  the EcoView is the ideal way to help manage rising energy costs and significantly impact profit margins.

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Wireless Control

wireless energy controlConnectivity made easy with Siemens Wireless Solution.   Providing the very best in wireless technology that’s been fully tested.  Monitor, manage and control the energy consumption of all of your locations.  Using the touchscreen Application,  your laptop or smartphone, connecting from anywhere provides you with exceptional convenience and flexibility with remote monitoring.

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Mobile App

Connect and monitor virtually anywhere!  The mobile application for the iPhone lets you log in anywhere to set up notifications, monitor settings and productivity so you can make adjustments accordingly.  This lightweight application allows you take control of your energy management on the go and will keep you in control of your energy consumption.

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Easy To Use

Retail & Commercial Systems solutions.  Easy to use automation technologies to manage heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and lighting applications as well as other critical energy loads throughout your business. Our applications allow you to create sustainable savings to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions.

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